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Geoff Boxer

I have this thing - if I look after my bike, the bike will look after me. I take pride in my ride, always have and always will. I think motorbikes are a beautiful, minimalist machine that we humans should enjoy. Throw a leg over and you’re hooked for life. I’m a passionate enthusiast of riding.


  • Before the ride

    Before I go out, I wash the bike, inspect it all over, check the tyre pressure and fill up the tank. It helps me prepare my bike, and my mindset, before I head out onto the road.

  • Safe riding

    Once I lost my licence for exceeding the speed limit on my GSR600. I was showing off. I lost my licence and didn’t ride for six months. Now all my demerit points are in place and I’ve got two little ones I need to get home safely to.

  • My gear

    Years ago I saw a TV ad showing the legs of a rider who had come off wearing standard jeans. Up until that moment I was riding in cotton pants. Seeing the ad changed me forever and now, irrespective of weather and temperature, I always wear motorbike jeans, boots, gloves and of course, a motorbike jacket and helmet.

  • First bike

    It all began when I was living in America. My dad was in the RAAF and one Christmas my brother and I received a red ride-on toy motorcycle - and I could never get enough of it! I’m aiming to build my own motorbike and have a collection of five or more in my man cave.

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